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BlueEye : Abolish Ghost (Proxy) Hazira (Attendance) & Manipulation

Softweb grab Order for Blue Eye from Joonktollee Tea, Assam.

We are pleased to inform you that MR. MOHIT AGARWAL who owns Asian Tea Group and having Tea Estates in MOZAMBIQUE , KENYA , INDIA (DAYAPUR-CACHAR , LIGRIPOOKRIE-SHIBSAGAR) & SRILANKA is using our ERP (Plantation Management Solution ) as well as BLUE-EYE [ for capturing authentic attendance (DIGITALLY VERIFIED ,USING FACE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY ) of all kind of kamjari & accurate weighment data in case of tea plucking ( AUTOMATICALLY USING BLUETOOTH ENABLED WEIGHING SCALE)] . You will be surprised to know that after using Blue-eye they were able to (more…)

100% Digitization in Jute Industry

Softweb Bag Order for ERP from North Brook Jute Mill (Punrasar Group) , Kolkata.

Rapid Growth in Productivity with Successful ERP Implementation

Softweb has got the success in implementing ERP & Blue Eye at Cha-de-Magoma (Tea Plantation) , in Mozambique.

Softweb coming up with new ideas with strategic partneship at Africa

Softweb Team(Consultants) visit Unilever Tanzania (Tea Plantation), Kenya (Tea Plantation ) & Ghana (Palm-Oil Plantation) for Consultation in Right IT solutions for Unilever Africa.