• Database Migration / Database Maintenance
  • Legacy System Migration
  • IOT
  • Plug-in Development for SAP / Oracle-Apps / Microsoft ERP
  • System Integration
  • Facility Management Services
  • SEO & SMO Service
  • Business Consulting & Process Audit
  • Implementation, Training & Support

Database integration involves the ability to access any source of data inside or outside your enterprise and use this information in virtually any application or mission-critical system. Data adapters provide a relational view of  different relational and nonrelational databases platforms such as Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, MySQL, Essbase, FOCUS db and VSAM.  Information may also be stored in different ERP systems .Softweb provides everything necessary to achieve real-time, near-real-time, or batch integration more easily and quickly.

Softweb does Database Maintenance to improve your database performance, free up disk space, check for data errors and hardware faults, update internal statistics. Our database administrator (DBA) usually do a number of administrative tasksto complete daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly task list to keep the application and database functioning at expected levels .

  • Developing a backup/restore strategy
  • Removing index fragmentation.
  • Ensuring that statistics are up-to-date.
  • Confirming that the database is structurally sound (by using Database Console Commands [DBCC]/database consistency checks).
  • Managing the size of the data and log files.

Softweb offers applications migration services to migrate customer’s entire system, including features and data. We not only provide legacy system migration services but also give some value added inputs by evaluating and subsuming any changes required in the software to make it more efficient and smoothly. Our skilled and experienced professionals can help customers to select the latest  technology for customising legacy systems. Softweb gives insights at customer existing system and code irrespective of the technology they use and prepare a gap-analysis documentation before we progress. Softweb study customer legacy systems architecture, database and user experience, and then provide end level enhancements to create a scalable, modernized, secured application with a higher performance and dependability

Softweb offers IOT service to help customers with innovative business models integrating IoT technology. We deliver end-to-end solutions in a complete, flexible, and extensible IoT platform that connects people, devices, and applications. Clients can capture data from source with handheld device and push that to central server to make the reports available on real time basis.

Softweb supports Plugin Architecture where customer requirements are accomplished by developing specific plugins. Customer requirements are connected to the Main Application via tweaks in the plugins. This plugin development (or customization) will never make any changes in customer source code. 
Different organizations have different core architectures in place. With our team that is ready to reshape to what customer require, we are always there to compute the changes customer need as we move forward.

Now a days in such competitive global marketplace, a priority for many organisations is to encourage remunerative  business growth through grasping new technologies. Softweb offers System Integration service designed to ensure that sub-systems are seamlessly connected and integrated with one large system and data flows amongst them as directed .We develop different utilities to solve different challenges by advising on and delivering the best solution with the lowest amount of risk.

Softweb offers Facility Management Services which involve multiple directions to ensure smooth and systematic functionality of the built background by inclusive integration of human resources, process of technology. Softweb provides on demand onsite support (hand-holding) by deploying one of our trained resources as per company & users’ requirements. In Facility Management Service (Software /Hardware) we offer, the compassionate hand-holding on demand paid support and extend to different customers located anywhere in the world. 

Softweb provides affordable and effective SEO and SMO services.We offer service in optimising the website to  create more traffics on basis of which search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can give the website one high listing position in their searches than customers' competitors. All our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activities are focused on ensuring that customer website ranks high in organic searches. Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is the new direction of Internet marketing and online business.SMO gives the perfect platform to reach target audience, and give the opportunity to communicate directly with proper customers .SMO also helps to promote customer brands to expand their business.

Being business consultant we help companies understand the kind of Enterprise IT solutions they may need to optimize the utilization of the resources and enhance productivity. Moreover assist them to comply with different process defined by national or international Audit bodies.