Mobile Apps & IoT

Softweb is in the endeavor of developing different advanced Mobile apps or other applications which can be used in association with various handheld devices, sensors, and controllers etc to collect and collate real time data from the source of origin which can be further processed by several other functionality/ operation driven apps.

  •  BlueEye : If you are running a labor-intensive industry or dealing with lot of workers in factory and very much concerned about the authenticated attendance of workers then BlueEye is the right solutions for you . Moreover if you want productivity linked data to be captured in real time automatically from any digital device , want to track or monitor the usage of costly items like fuel/power ( petrol / diesel /electricity etc) & chemical or pesticide then try out BlueEye at first place .

For details download BlueEye brochure

  • miDinero : “ miDinero “ means “ My Money “.  Just to bring transparency and automation in the wages/salary disbursement process  & ensure that all the workers of any agro-plantation based company or laborers of any factory get their dues (wages/salary)  what they are eligible for,  this self –operated , automated   pay-slip vending system was developed . The system has been able to save huge cost that were spent due loss of productive time in pay-slip distribution as well as cost of stationeries. More visibility or transparency and automation is been brought in the wages distribution process. The time of resources are also well utilized for productive works .

For details download miDinero brochure

  • Paper-Less( Digitization) production Floor : Real time Production data capturing (in floor-level)  through Apps in Digital Tablets and integration of the same with the Production module of Softweb ERP for further processing of the data to get machine efficiency , production efficiency & workers’ efficiency . Gloster Ltd was the first company to introduce our mobile apps  not only to digitize , automatize production floor data capturing but also integrated that to our ERP to bring transparency across the organization.

For details download  Production Floor  Efficiency Management

  • Advanced Solutions : There are lot of other advanced mobile apps or IoT based solutions to address different challenges faced by different kind of industries . Moreover Softweb as a company is driven by the policy of developing innovative , handy solutions to make the life easier for it’s clients. Thus we are working in association with world’s few best technology solution providers and R&D driven organizations.

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