Agro-Plantation ERP

Since its inception Softweb Technologies has been successfully providing IT consultancy and customized IT solutions to address specific challenges faced by different customers from Agro-Plantation industries. With every successful implementation of our Agro-Plantation solution, new features have emerged and after having served over a 100 customers ranging from a diverse set of Agro verticals including Tea, Coffee, Palm Oil, Rubber and Spices this solution has become one of the foremost IT ERP solutions for this space. It covers all aspects including plantation, factory & head office level operation, and facilitates to record & manage relevant data on real time basis for pro-active decision making. From our leanings and interactions with existing customers we have developed revolutionary advanced mobile based applications, one of these being the recently launched Blue Eye application.


BlueEye : The BlueEye Application is used to record data and attendance electronically so as to ensure human error is nullified and data is highly accurate and genuine. From our experience we have seen a huge reduction in “Ghost Hazira” leading to huge savings in wasted expenditure. With the help of face recognition application the physical presence of a worker is digitally verified along with Weighment data being captured correctly and integrating directly with the ERP solution. The reports generated from this system are extremely useful for business decisions regarding plucking activity and the Management Dashboard the ideal tool for Top Management for understanding the dynamics of the plantation working and taking decisions on the basis of real time data. BlueEye is customized to suit the specific need of the business vertical based on the nature of the plantation, be in Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Palm Oil or any other Agro based industry.


miDinero : miDinero application is used to save valuable time & reduce resource involvement in the iterative and monotonous job of printing thousands of pay-slips for workers in any labour intensive industry. This application enables workers to generate their own payslip, among other things, after digitally validating their employment.



To know more about our plantation ERP please download the brochure, BlueEye, miDinero.