Hotel ERP

Hotel or hospitality industry as a whole is very much sensitive towards customers service, their satisfaction and loyalty as well as the entities(Hotels) needs to survive through fierce peer competition while maintaining a positive balance sheet (cost control & profit maximization) to keep the shareholders happy. This calls for an un-orthodox, trendy handy tool  which can be accessed from anywhere – anytime, can fetch typical analytical report to middle level management as well as gives provision of bird’s-eye-view to top management for necessary proactive and progressive actions. As you know, in this business, website visitors analysis to foot fall to repeat visit of a customer to fastmoving-slowmoving rate of different recipe/food item and different ratio (finance) analysis is very important.


Softweb ERP solutions has all the provision to equip line level executives to top level management to collect, collate, manage all kind of operation data [coming from different departments, impacting inter-dependent operations and getting stored in a central server, like data entered in sales impacts stock and accounts etc] and analyze those based on system generated user-specific reports. From small Hotels to 5 star, 7 star hotels, resorts or any kind of property can be managed with web /cloud based Softweb Hotel ERP / PMS ( property management solutions).


Key Benefits:

  • A complete overview for top management from different perspectives of business with up to the minute critical data analysis and report generation system.
  • Total control over business through automatic alerts, workflows and key business events management.
  • Streamlining of Business through complete integration of key areas of business.
  • Increase profitability by identifying causing factors for lesser efficiency in different units through comparison analysis of standard or planned versus actual scenario.
  • Expand Business opportunities by proper decision support system based on planning and projection generated by Softweb HotelERP system.
  • Availability of Real-Time data across every level of the organization like Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, etc.
  • Minimum Data Entry & Data Redundancy to minimize chances of errors and manipulation.
  • Intelligent & powerful validation controls to ensure automatic Assurance services and State-of-Art control features.
  • Multiple usages of same data for different functional / departmental use.
  • Flexible reporting structure with option for users to develop customized report as per their requirement.
  • High-Level of data protection & security embedded at the code level.
  • Various cross-tallying mechanisms inbuilt to ensure accurate output.


More Links: For more details please download Brochure , case study.