Jute & Textile ERP

In Jute and Textile Industry particularly any labour intensive industry monitoring production, worker efficiency, maintaining quality & deriving product cost is critical to sustain in the competitive landscape. Keeping this in mind, Softweb developed SwJute in 2004 and since then has evolved into a robust, modern and top of the line solution for the industry. In fact majority of Jute mills in and around Bengal, the home of Jute in India, uses our solution.



SwJute is an integrated ERP solution which captures all operational data including sales, purchase, inventory, production, payroll, supply chain among others and automatically integrates the accounting system to generate all kinds of MIS reports and Dashboard for top management which can be viewed at the time of decision making. We provide both on-premise and cloud based solutions depending on your requirements and needs.



This solution is reduces the scope for manipulations or human error. We also have different IoT based solutions which has helped companies to reduce huge costs by optimum utilization of resources as well as controlling revenue leakage that went unnoticed earlier. Our BluEye and miDinero applications are revolutionary and customers have benefitted immensely through these applications. The miDinero application is used to save valuable time & reduce resource involvement in the iterative and monotonous job of printing thousands of pay-slips for workers in any labour intensive industry. This application enables workers to generate their own payslip, among other things, after digitally validating their employment.

Since 2004 we have always been a step ahead of any company due to our learnings from our customers and remain as an exclusive solution provide for Jute industry in India.

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